Surviving Economic Collapse

economic sur2If you’re looking for information about how to survive a total economic collapse like the one that’s been predicted in the media and by experts since 2008, then you’ve come to the RIGHT place.

In the next few moments you’ll discover why an economic collapse on a massive scale is a very real possibility, and what you can do to protect yourself and your family when it happens.

I recommend you read to the very end of this page, and then decide to take serious, meaningful action on preparing yourself and your family for what is almost certainly going to be a difficult time for Americans everywhere.

You see, America is in a lot of debt right now, and most of that money is owed to China since we’ve been borrowing from them to fund the war in Iraq which we desperately need to bring fuel into our economy.

The problem is that the fifteen trillion dollars owed by Americans to China can’t easily be repaid. In fact, it will never be repaid because we simply can’t afford it.

economicThis mismanagement of funds is going to have serious long term effects on how we live.

Once the United States defaults on the loans, admitting that we can’t pay our debts, a lot of very bad things are going to happen all at once.

  • The price of fuel may go up as much as 500% as the declining value of our dollar means businesses can no longer buy gasoline.
  • Our entire shipping and transportation system will stall without gasoline and truckloads of goods meant for consumption by you will never make it to the grocery store.
  • There will be mass amounts of inflation and panic as people raid the grocery stores, snatching up any available food stuffs until every shelf is empty.
  • Once the shelves are empty, the people will be fed for a few days, but when they get hungry again and the food runs out, the looting will start.
  • The people responsible for providing services in your society, things like electricity, gas services, clean water and policing will all be roaming the streets looking for scraps of food for their families and our social infrastructure will collapse in a matter of weeks.

We’ve seen this kind of crisis occur overseas in countries like Zimbabwe and Germany, places that faced massive inflation and are still recovering.

This situation is even more dangerous in America.

The people will be armed, hungry and raging mad over the failure of the government to take care of them – of us – during the crisis. They will want answers and they will want blood.

You may have only one opportunity to take action and be truly prepared for what could result.

Any mistake you make in a critical moment could get you killed, so you have to be able to prepare now and recognize the early warning signals and act on them before it’s too late.

If you learn the proper methods and prepare for the worst now, you can survive and even thrive during an economic collapse.

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  1. WesMidwest says:

    I believe preparation is essential now, especially to deal with fear of the future. Fear is as much of a killer as anything else we may face.

    Physical possession of precious metals preserves your buying power is a powerful way to prepare. Silver is my choice, because it’s easy for most people to accumulate and will be more convenient to trade for everyday items.

    The strategy is buy regularly, hold it, and forget about it until economic collapse.

    Wes T.

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