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Chercheur d'orBefore you check out the Family Survival System by Frank Mitchell, read more on the ultimate survivalist who has pioneered the best methods for wilderness and urban survival in modern crises.

Frank Mitchell practically invented most of the modern survival methods that you can find in the family survival system. He is a seasoned and experienced member of the armed forces and a certified disaster and survival expert who has spent months surviving in the harshest conditions around the globe.

Most importantly though, Frank Mitchell is a true patriot that wants to help Americans get the training that they need in order to survive and even thrive during the next major disaster.

During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Frank spoke out on the inefficacy of FEMA at dealing with real emergencies involving large amounts of people.

Frank Mitchell exposed the government for its lax stance on life preservation during major disasters. Look at the number of people who were displaced by the hurricane and the inadequacy of the response and you’ll see for yourself that this wasn’t a high level government priority.

Yet, if you go on the FEMA website, you’ll find plenty of information on how to “remain calm” because “everything is going to be alright”. Guess what? Everything is not going to be alright.

Frank Mitchell created the family survival system after seeing how a lack of basic knowledge and preparation caused thousands of families to suffer, at the mercy of poor government, for months on end following a major disaster.

Frank’s goal is to teach you what you can do to effectively compete with the tens of thousands of people that will be struggling for basic resources and necessities of life when something like this happens again.

When the people responsible for making sure that you have electricity are spending every waking moment trying to get an extra loaf of bread to feed their hungry families, who is going to make sure that power outages are fixed in a timely fashion?


When the people responsible for testing water quality are fighting in the street for a carton of stale milk, how are you going to get water that is safe for your family?

You see, in a real disaster, society will crumble within days because we are not prepared for situations where everyone is forced to look after only themselves.

Frank Mitchell is the real deal when it comes to survival and his family survival system contains tried and proven methods for survival, covering everything from preparation and first warning signs through to years after and how to set yourself up to go on surviving even after a complete societal collapse.

Not only this, but his guide will show you practical methods of surviving in any environment, including how to get water, find food, how to build a shelter, and how to protect yourself from other environmental hazards.

Don’t expect the government to provide for you and take care of your family when a true disaster situation arises.

If you’ve built a disaster kit according to the Department of Homeland Security’s guidelines, you are NOT prepared!

Check out the Family Survival System by Frank Mitchell. It’s time to step up, learn the truth and get ready for the future.

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